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When the drow turned on her, her smile slipped but she didn't look ashamed nor did she look discontent. His gaze lingered and she watched in curiosity. What would he do? She ignored Ra's warning glance, showing obvious signs of being ornery. But the oddest thing about her was that laughter was still in her eyes, though dimmed quite a bit. She peeked around Willy when he went away and when she knew he was out of earshot, she giggled. "His head is full of air if he thinks I 'need to learn my place.' I haven't bothered to listen to his kind of athority if they dont talk nice since my parents...." She cut off abruptly and the laughter finally died from her eyes like a light being blown out and darkness settled in. "They nevery talk anything nice.. He asked a question, and I helped answer..." This was what she truely hated about being a child. Being seen and not heard, barely being seen.

She turned her body in Ra's direction and her head hung as she looked at her hands. She did respect Ra as much as she respected Shalin. They were the only ones she knew well enough to respect. "Ra, I am sorry for being disrespectful." She had always been a good girl with her parents when she was little and didn't ever speak out of turn. Ra and Shalin deserved the same respects even if they weren't really her parents. But they did take care of her..like her own parents never can anymore..but she missed them and wished they could.. A tear slipped down her cheek as she closed her eyes and fell onto the back of her hand.
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