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Bryant's eyes narrowed as he regarded Tali and her happy reply. You were not addressed, human. Learn your place. His voice was cold and harsh though he did not yell. His eyes had locked onto her silently for a few moments without speaking after that. Willy wrapped his arms around her closer, willing the guard captain away with his thoughts.

Slowly, Bryant turned his gaze upon Ra who had dutifully responded. I see.

Seikep oubidolou, Hyda. Ete jungal'iie sefu toh ligono'se'it. Hyda, poik'de eyi mala tran vois! The angry qsar gestured towards the group inside the wagon as he spoke animatedly. Bryant nodded stiffly as he looked at the male qsar and then his eyes shifted over the one legged female and the other dazed and groaning qsar beside her.

He insists that the owner of this wagon maliciously ran himself and his compatriots over while walked down the tunnelspace. He also recommends that we take everyone in this wagon into custody for violating his freedoms. Shalin was listening from around the side as she had moved closer towards the back since the guard troop had gone back there. She wanted to make sure that Tali was safe.

That's a load of horse manure! He lies if that's what he says!

Silence, surfacer! I wasn't talking to you! Bryant motioned to more of his guards who came away from the wall to move closer to Shalin in case of trouble. Kithra, sensing the tense situation, slipped down from her seat and moved beside the centaur, a hand on her flank.

Easy, horse pants. We don't need trouble right now. The drow woman pushed past and came up beside Bryant. Bryant, have you seen what you wanted to see? We have no contraband. We have the cranky ass qsar that I told you about and you can have him! It's obvious he doesn't like me. Willy would vouch for me, so'd everyone else in the back besides Shalin here. Now let us through now and come get me later if you want. She rubbed a finger against her lower lip and winked at the guard captain. You make me hot for you when you're like this...

The man's face twitched again. Fine. Miss Le'Rothe, if I find that you were lying to me, I will come and find you. The woman turned and walked away, hips swinging with sex appeal. The man's shoulders slumped just a fraction before he pulled them straight again and waved his men back to the wall.

I look forward to that day, Bryant. Kithra smiled as she pulled herself back into the driver's seat. Shalin came to walk beside her. The angry qsar was escorted away by a group of armed men. And the rest entered the city, heading towards Kithra's home.

Willy looked at Tali. Yer okay, Tali? He's an awfully mean turd, that one is.
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