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When Elle had finished packing her things, she stretched, toes curling in her boots. Her eyes found Dmitri who's teeth were considerably cleaner and Leeli was pleased. "Good thinking Leeli. We'll need to get food before we attack the wizard. All of us. We have all night to attack him but food is necesary for energy."

Tera had wound around Elle's legs and the woman bent down to pick pineneedles and leaves out of the wolf's fur. The half-elf needed something to fuss over and Tera happened to be closest. Besides that, Dmitri was fine just probably sore and Kiera wouldn't let Elle fuss. So Tera became the target.

There wasn't too much to pack up. All they really had to do was scatter the rocks and ashes from the fire and return the spot to a more natural setting rather than a camping spot. And that took a mere minute to do. She remembered where each rock had been and how it looke when they got there. It wouldn't be hard at all. Especially because there wasn't much on the dry earth anyways.

Elle stood again and took in a deep breath. Suddenly she scrunched up her nose and sneezed into her arms. It was quiet and very much a 'girly' sneeze.
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