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Tali almost smiled as she heard Willy to ask to keep her. But she remembered that she was 'sleeping' so she didn't move. Although taking Willy with them was an idea. He was nice, and she didn't like the idea of slaves. She wondered how much it would take for Kithra to let the boy go. Tali had a few coins, well she though she did somewhere. But she didn't know if it'd be enough.

As the wagon slowed and came to a stop, Tali decided it was time to open her eyes. The little light she could see by threw shadows over everyone's face. She didn't like how dark it was down here. She yawned and rubbed her eye with a small fist right as the guards came to look in the back. The sleep that fogged her eyes made her appear younger than she was at the moment. The back of her head hurt but atleast it wasn't bleeding anymore.

"It's true, sir." She spoke to the drow bowing her head a little in respects before yawning widely again. "Does that mean we're at the city now?" She perked up a bit. This question was directed at Ra and her eyes sparkled with delight. "The first thing we need to do is get Nephi to a healer and then wanna get a new dress." She nodded to herself and she plucked at the fabric of her curently tattered one. Her voice wasn't loud but the happiness rolling off of her was.
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