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The city rose before the wagon, dark spires illuminated by magic. Rainbow hues danced across the faces of the pointed buildings. Obelisks stood in the streets to mark out what time it was using a complex system of light that only true denizens of Moreikinen would understand. Drow riding on lizards like Odos or walking around on foot were a common sight beyond the guards that stood to bar passage.

Kithra and Shalin paced side by side so the guards would know that the centaur was apart of her band. We have injured. I need through passage. I declare 12 crates of assorted legal booze, 4 boxes of assorted legal skins, 5 bags of ornate qsar rugs, 1 slave which is mine, 3 qsar, 1 centaur, 1 draconian, and 1 human child. 1 qsar is injured with large injuries, 1 qsar was unconscious last time I checked, and the other qsar is a cranky ass and I'd like him off my wagon as soon as possible.

The drow guards were male with wickedly curving swords in their sheaths. There were others on the barricades on either side of the road with crossbows trained on everything that might move. All in all there were probably a dozen men manning the walls. Shalin swallowed hard, but kept her body rigid so as not to do anything that looked aggressive.

Miss Le'Rothe, we need to look into the wagon. The speaker for the group of guards was 5'6" tall, had white hair tied back into a tail underneath a studded leather helmet that matched the rest of his studded leather armor and hard-toed boots. He had a grim face and he kept his voice at a neutral bored tone. Kithra sighed.

Bryant, I hate you, you know that? I come in here every few weeks, tell you exactly what cargo I have, and you check it every time. Can't you just believe me and let me in? She brushed her hood off and shrugged on side of her cloak loose to expose the top of half of her chest in her low low cut top. The captain of the gate guards' mouth twitched on one side before falling back.

Miss Le'Rothe, please refrain from either bribery or seduction as those will result in a large fine. This is your only warning. The drow woman pulled her cloak back around her with a huff and narrowed eyes.

Fine. Go round back, see exactly what I told you was back there, and then don't come back to ask me for any favors. Six guardsmen came towards the back of the wagon.

Willy, in the back, heard the tromping of booted feet. Just the inspeckers. Stay calm and dun move towards yer weapons. If they want to look at'cha, then let them. That was the only warning the people in the back had before the faces of six armed men appeared.

Any contraband back here that should be announced before entry? Bryant looked at the haphazard sort of creatures in the back of the wagon, just as Kithra said they were.

Nah. Jus' booze, skins, rugs, an' the rest o' us. Bryant frowned as the slave responded instead of the other free people.

Draconian, is what the slave says true?
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