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Elle had been woken up a little before the light started peaking over the mountain. She had found a few twigs and had been fruitlessly trying to bring the fire back to life when Dmitri had suddenly jerked out of his position. He was on all fours and she watched with wide eyes as he painfully changed back into the werewolf they had first glanced him as. When it was over, she rocked forward on her toes, wanting to go help. She saw deeply etched pain in his eyes and knew it had happend plenty of times that the pain was not new to him but it never got any better.

And then everyone started moving at once. Leeli was in the air, Keira had winced as she turned, Fenrir had been alert and Tera was on her feet with her nose lowered and her eyes skeptical. The wolf relaxed when Leeli flew over to Dmitri and she caughed a little laugh when Leeli's shrill voice tried to order the half-wolf to rince his mouth.

Tera's sides inflated with air as she sighed and sat back down and gave Dmitri a look that plainly said 'Just-do-it.' She had been used to being treated by Elle and just put up with it herself even if she didn't like it. The wolf knew, either way it was going to be Elle's way so she just went along with it.

Elle bent and picked up her blanket that she lent to Dmitri for the night and carefully put it in her bag.
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