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Elle had sat close to the fire after Dmitri had excepted the blanket. Her gentle smile lingered as she noticed the perfectly folded fabric was being held rather than used. But she didnt mind. He wrapped it around himself after a bit and the half-elf snuggled into the curve of Tera's tummy. The wolf was warm and being inbetween the fur and the fire, Elle knew she'd be plenty warm for this night. Maybe she'd make tea in the morning to warm the throats and stomachs before travel continued. Plus, tea is a soother and the little group on the other side of the fire could use something to smooth over the air. Elle had watched Keira's eyes while she thought about Dmitri's request. She knew how the woman must have felt; the confusion and uncertainty. Keira had chosen the wild over people, and in the wild she found a man. Even if he was more wolf than man at most times, the man would never disapear from his spirit. A wolf at heart and a man in escence. Much the way Keira and herself were.

What a strange little pack had she found her way into. But oddly enough, it was nice. Everyone could relate in some way or another. Elle yawned and lay down, putting her back against Tera. The warmth from the fire was a comfortable pulsing feeling and Tera's steady heartbeat slowly lulled her to sleep. She was tired and the moment her adrenalin died down, weariness took over. And she accepted it.
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