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Elle nodded when Dmitri answered her question and she relaxed deliberatly to show he was in no harm. She watched silently and Keira moved to him and the interaction that flitted between. Elle sighed lightly when the confusion thickened in the air and gave a small smile. She knew what was going on even if they hid it.

When Leeli whispered into Tera's ear, her ear flicked back towards the fae to listen. She snorted a little in response as if she chuckled. It doesnt matter what race someone may be, they are all driven by the same thing: lust, love, and companionship. Even if there is confusion, it would all amount to one thing or another given time. Tera didn't move until she knew both fae were settled on her back before trotting lightly after Elle when the woman turned to follow the rest of the group.

Upon reaching camp, Elle was glad that the fire had not extinguished itself and she glanced towards Dmitri, sympathy writ in her eyes. She went to her bag and pulled out her blanket that had recently been washed in the river and dried, but still held Keira's scent from when she had slept. A little of her own and Tera's scent remained on the blanket but it wasn't as strong. She walked over to Dmitri and offered it to him. "Dmitri, thank you for answering my questions up there. This will keep you warm through the night. Skin is easier chilled than fur." A gentle smile appeared on her face and her eyes were just as kind as her voice. The Alpha in her had disapeared and been replaced by her instincts to care and nurture. She hoped it would be accepted, for the offering was a form of acceptance in of itself.
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