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Fenrir smelled Dmitri as he came closer. He wasn't sure what to think of the man. He looked human now, but smelled still slightly wolfy, with that taint of something else that the wolf wasn't sure how to identify. But Keira had told the man to come, and had acted as Alpha towards him. The logical deduction, as logical as the wolf would get, was that whoever the man was, he was supposed to be there. As Dmitri approached, he raised his head, his ears up and curious, but his posturing from earlier completely gone. His tail thumped upon the ground once, twice, and then he lay his head back down on his paws.

Keira glanced up as he approached. Fenrir was being a little more friendly than before, and so she relaxed a little more, blinking at the man. Fire cast her in shadows and flame, and her eyes reflected almost orange in some places. The woman nodded at him, friendly as she probably would ever be, but obviously lost in her own thoughts. Part of her mind split off though as she looked at Dmitri.

Y'know, he's not that bad. I mean, his hair is good, and he looks strong enough to survive in the wild, even without being a werewolf. He needs more clothing though. Just a loincloth wouldn't keep him alive through the winter. Part of her thought of the extra clothing she had in her bag, but she knew that it wouldn't fit him at all. She was smaller than him. He's gonna get cold tonight...this fire isn't near enough... After a moment, she realized she was staring and quickly looked back at the fire.


Kail reached out and pulled Leeli into a hug. "Ah, Lahura, my beautiful fae... You've known her for only a few days. Though I can't say I disagree with you. I dont' know..perhaps it does seem...strange."He frowned a little and blinked.
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