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Keira shuddered her shoulders. That single moment had reminded her of the day that she had found Fenrir, and had bribed the healers for supplies to take care of the pup. There was a spot in her heart for the heart of a wolf, and it was a place she rarely visited. In the cruelty and hardship of the real world, there was little that allowed her that glimpse of herself, the glimpse of why she had chosen wolves over her family.

Wolves held love and loyalty and Pack above all else. Love. For the Alpha, for each other, for the pups of the Pack. She remembered celebrating with the wolf packs of her homeland when they had pups, howling back at them, learning basics of their body language. She remembered the day that the Alpha male of the pack closest to her home had waved his tail and pushed her into the pack, accepting her as part of his family. The joy of that moment, the feeling, aura of love that radiated from the pack from wolf to wolf on their runs around their territory, the howling of the hunt. The memories of those moments held her in thrall as she let her eyes become unfocused and grabbed a handful of Fenrir's ruff, letting him lead her blindly back to the camp.

Fenrir looked up at his companion, then with one ear forward and one back, he continued back towards the light of the fire. He knew that his Alpha was troubled, but it wasn't a bad troubled.

Keira followed Fenrir back to the fire, and sat down in front of the too small flame. Fenrir was her main warmth. She nestled back into his fur as he laid behind her, and her eyes focused on staring into the flame, hazel eyes reflecting only hidden foggy blankness.


Kail fluttered, blinking swiftly in confusion at the scene that had just unfolded in front of him. He moved down to land softly on Tera's back beside Leeli. "I'm sure that whatever happens, it happens only when there's such a time as this. You worry about it as if there is something that is supposed to stop them. She is a wildwoman after all, my love." He winked at her, and grinned, trying to remind her that the other night hadn't exactly been uneventful for them.
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