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Keira listened to his stuttered reply, her eyes scrutinizing him, staring into his eyes, his soul. Her own posture shifted slightly as his went more and more submissive, her shoulders loosening a little. Fenrir stood behind her, hackles half up. He was not sure whether to think of this man as Dmitri or not. He smelled similar, with a sharp tang that stung the canine's nose.

The wolfish whine in Dmitri's voice allowed her to follow where his mind was. He didn't know what he was like. Inside, behind her masked eyes, she understood. She knew the feeling. She had lived with men, and she had lived with wolves, and she thought a little like both. Not sure which was more influential, never knowing for sure. As he broke the stare, his hand over his chest, her eyes narrowed a little, and she tensed, jumping a little as his fingers wrapped around her hand and pulled it up to his chest.

Shock showed on her face, even as her muscles tensed, her left hand clenched and pulled back and her heartbeat pounded loudly in her chest, pumping adrenaline again, allowing her to avoid the pain. But slowly, her voice caught in her throat, she stared in his eyes, her arm relaxing but her body quivering. Her fingers moved lightly against his chest, feeling skin, hair, and as she paused for a moment, she felt his heart beating. A steady one-two, one-two, thumping against her palm. The moment seemed to slow. She hadn't had human contact for over a year. She had been around humans, elves, and other races, but it had been so long since she had touched anything but wolf fur or other animals, plants or weapons with her hands. It was a strange feeling. Her fingers bent a little, nails leaving small dents in his chest as she pulled away.

Her shock faded from her face and her eyes as time seemed to go back to normal. Hazel eyes didn't leave blue, and her gaze returned to its Alpha intensity. A moment more of holding his gaze, and then pulled her hand away from him and nodded. "We'll see. Come." Her voice was a gruff growl, ans she subconsciously covered up that she had just saw her own confusion in another person.

Snorting at Fenrir, she turned and started walking back to the camp. Her mind boiled though, wolf thoughts and human thoughts mixing together as different pieces of her screamed for her attention.
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