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As the woman stepped out into the light, Dmitri, even without his wolf senses, even before she spoke aloud, knew it was Keira. Had he yet possessed canine ears, they would have dropped to the side in submission. Instead his shoulders slouched forward and he lowered his head. She stepped in front of him, that earthen scent too close to him to miss it even with a human nose. He swallowed hard, cowed by this woman that was still smaller than him in his original form.

The wolf who was a man, the man who had been a wolf, could not break the hold that she had on his eyes. He wet his lips with the tip of his tongue nervously as the question came boldly from her lips. His pale blue eyes flicked between one clear hazel eye and the other as a soft whine escaped from his throat, an odd sound from a man.

I... Alpha... His voice plead with her for mercy even as he felt himself sink down a little more before her in a clear submissive stance even as he maintained his feet. Dmitri simply could not break her stare, held fast by those challenging eyes. I... I think like Dmitri. Alpha... I am not wolf. I am not man. I... I was once a man, but I have been a wolf. How can one such as I truly know how to think like either now? He placed a rough hand on his bare chest over the place where his heart rested beneath his ribs. This... This is all I have that feels like a wolf now when I am like this. He swallowed hard as he looked deep, further into her eyes, searching momentarily. He broke the stare for a solitary instant, as he found one of her hands with a glance. His hands grasped her right hand and placed it upon the spot over his heart. Does it feel like a wolf's to you, Alpha? His icy blue eyes were back to hers, a question written there.
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