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Keira listened to Dmitri's soft, low voice. She blinked at his last statement. My Alpha... She echoed in her mind. Fenrir moving with her, she stepped out into the moonlight. It's light set a silver cast to her tanned skin and her dark hair. "Dmitri. I'm here." Her voice was soft, tired almost, but still strong. She stepped forward, her side seeping a little fluid into the bandage that only she could feel. She had stretched and pulled and split the healing scab by running after Elle.

Letting go of Fenrir's shoulder, she walked even closer to the werewolf. Her eyes roamed over his broad shoulders and chest, looking over the muscles that were human once more, but still strong. A gentle breeze flipped hair into her face, which was carefully masked of emotions, and she growled lightly in her chest, but it wasn't a threat. Eyes narrowing, she stepped right in front of him, eyes staring into his with intensity that few normal humans could muster.

Her voice was solid, leaving no room for a middle answer to her question. "Do you think as wolf or man?" Her only thought was that someone who thought as a human would never be able to work in a Pack situation. Her eyes asked him to choose one way and stick with it, no matter his bodily form. Humans lied too often to be trusted, wolves didn't lie. They had no reason to. She only accepted one in her Pack.
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