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Leeli clamped her mouth shut. She didn't want to reveal her presence as she realized that the werewolf, as a man, could not smell or see her. Tera was a bit nervous which was obvious in the way she stood. There was a constant shiver underneath her straightened back posture, that nervous tension. Leeli relaxed her grip slowly and patted the wolf with a hand to reassure her.

Dmitri straightened himself, the hair falling back from his squared jaw speckled in rough stubble. He focused his eyes on Elle's face, what he could make out of her eyes. He felt so helpless, so blind with his senses muted. It didn't seem fair. He could hardly remember his life as a full human before the curse. I am in this form for... a handspan of nights. Wolf again by day, away from the full moon. He sighed defeated, though his back remained straight, his shoulders broad and muscular. It was a facade of strength now that his strength seemed gone.

I... I can go from the moon's gaze. It makes the transformation easier. As the curse is lunar-centric, gazing up at the moon gives me a focal point. It... locks me so I feel... less pain. He scratched an elbow, uncertain about Elle's next move. As he could not see nor smell nor hear Keira nearby, he assumed that she was by the fire still though it seemed strange to him. The thought gnawed on his mind. My Alpha... She would not stay by the fire even if you told her to do so. It was more of a thought spoken aloud; quietly, but audibly.

Leeli looked at the man, feeling oddly sorry for him. I suppose he's scared. I mean, should Elle attack him, she'd have the upper hand. He doesn't have his sharp teeth or claws or even a thick skin. He's probably lost his regenerative ability and he has no weapon to hold in his hands. No armor, no clothes save for that little leather flap... though... he does look relatively handsome for a biggie. Dirty, but kind of cute. She held in a giggle at the werewolf's expense.
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