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Kail had fluttered up as Tera bolted, and he followed now, his bright red wings oddly blending in with the darkness, as red often did. His eyes widened as he came upon the group to see Dmitri there, human. His entire body shuddered. It's backwards of the myths...he's a man on the full moon...


Keira stayed back in the shadows for a moment, knowing that a human nose couldn't smell her even before Dmitri said he couldn't find her scent. Her side ached as adrenaline started to slow down through her veins. Despite how she felt about humans and Pack and the enormous difference between them, she found something in Dmitri that pulled her. Maybe it was the mystery of his curse, or the similarity of being misunderstood, caught between two different worlds and neither one fully accepting her or him. Maybe, it was even slightly his dark hair that reminded her of her mother's southern heritage.

But the young woman knew that at least part of it was his reaction to Elle's voice. The initial human snarl, the hunching of the shoulders. It reminded her so much of herself and how she reacted to strange things and to what she didn't trust. Her hazel eyes flashed back to Elle as the other woman questioned Dmitri. Though nervous, her neck hairs raising with the strange tingle that was in the air, she didn't move. Her wolf-influenced mind was not sure what to think, though she somewhat was urged to go and comfort him merely because he seemed to helpless, like a child. He had gone from wolf, with superior strength, speed, senses, to human, to almost-wolf, but not quite...

And so she waited for his answers before moving.
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