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Elle didn't relax quite yet. She knew something had been up with Dmitri but didn't fully know. Her answer now was in front of her and she was surprised by the thought that she had been so close yet so far to the reveal. He acknowledged her presence but she remained still. "Keira? Is behind me. I have absolutly no doubt that she would have stayed behind as I requested. And I dont blame her. It is instinct to protect, for each of us here." In truth, she had heard Keira come up behind them but she also didn't expect her to stay behind.

Now to get down to business, she wanted proper answers too. "How long are you in this form, Dmitri? And are you allowed to return to camp in this way or do you need to stay under the moon?" She indicated towards the bright orb with a short jerk of her chin but wasn't rude about it. It was simple curiosity and her voice was as polite as an Alpha's voice would allow.

Tera danced on the spot. The felt the fae clinging to her fur and turned her head to lick the blue woman's knee before turning back to Dmitri. She was uneasy, but Elle was Alpha and more so now than ever. Tera didn't like the strange smells in her nose: wolf, a lot of man, blood, and something else that seemed acidic similar to the cursed bats. Magic maybe? But Leeli didn't smell that way. Her mind was confused, so she stood straighter with ears back, waiting for a command rather than thinking.
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