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Leeli nearly screamed as Tera raced out, her handful of grass flung to the wind. Her little pale blue fingers clenched tightly around tufts of coarse, wolf hair as they went ever higher. Twigs reached out towards her, trying to sweep her off her speedy mount. She kept silent though, not wanting to draw attention to herself from any sort of bad, monstrous creature that might be roaming around their campsite. She realized that Kail wasn't following the horde of them as they went up the hill and wondered what he was doing all by himself by the fire. Probably staying warm like I could have been...

They stopped suddenly. Leeli had to fight to stay on Tera as the wolf's paws dug into the turf, unsettled by whatever she smelled. Then Leeli saw it. The man form was bathed in moonlight, shadows falling around his shoulders as the fur melted off of him. It was unsettling to the faerie woman herself to see such a sight.

The wolf that had become a man again heard a voice. It was strange at first as he registered it. He spun on the balls of his feet, crouching his shoulders as if it made him seem bigger than he was. His growl came out like a man trying to be a wolf. He squinted his eyes, trying to make out the form in the embrace of the trees even as the moonlight fell upon her features. His growl died away and his readied stance melted into one akin to defeat. Elle. His voice had lost its rough quality, becoming softer and deep. The word, an acknowledgement of her presence.

Dmitri shivered as he wiped the trail of blood that ran from his nose with the back of his wrist. Where is Keira? By the fire? I... I cannot smell her. Dmitri's voice wavered weakly, concern written in the way he asked after her. He leaned forward, his dark hair falling over his shoulders like a messy wave.
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