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Keira noticed the werewolf's absence, but was too tired to care. She sat staring into the inadequate fire and buried her hands in Fenrir's fur. As the howl began though, all sense of tiredness seemed to disappear. Adrenaline shot through her body. That wasn't the howl of just a wolf, it was pain, and that alone made her unable to stay. Despite Elle's request of her to stay, she refused.

As Elle ran off, the other Alpha pushed herself to all fours, a bit of an awkward position for a human, but Keira loped awkwardly up the hill, to keep her balance. It was steep enough to make it slightly easier to go up the hill that way, than on two legs. She reached the hill shortly after Elle did, in time to catch sight of Elle just barely in the shadows, her back straight and stiff. A moment later, as she looked out into the moonlight, Keira could see why. She caught only the last few seconds of Dmitri's transformation, and Fenrir stepped up beside her, his hackles raised slightly. Staying in the shadows, she watched, her hand leaning on her wolf companion to help support her some, as she felt the pain of her side stabbing at her.

Her eyes roamed over the man in the moonlight though. She knew without a doubt that it was Dmitri, no matter his form. The long hair was the same color, and the fur at his feet was a dead give away, but the scent that blew towards them was almost the same, minus the wolfish side of it.


Kail chewed on his own handful of grass, and he almost started flying at Dmitri's first howl, but then as the other two women got up and ran, he sank back down by Leeli. Curiousity reflected in his eyes.
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