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Elle's head shot up from where it had been drooping in the warmth by the fire. The howl was agonizing and she could only think of one who would be making any noise at all. Dmitri hadn't returned. The half-elf jumped to her feet and started laying out orders. "Kail, stay with Keira. Tera, come." Her voice had risen an octave in her haste to get the orders out fast enough. "Keira please stay. I'll be back." Then, she ran. Tera came bounding along on Elle's heals and pushed past the woman to encourage her to go faster. Leeli was still on Tera's back and Elle hoped she would hold on. Elle streaked through the drying trees. They climbed higher and higher until they reached the top of the hillside and the moonlight ahead seemed blinding. Tera caughed the scent of Dmitri, but it was different, more human now. She whined low in her chest and skidded in efforts to stop abrubtly. She rocked back on her back paws as the loose dirt didn't provide enough friction to stop.

Elle had also stopped in the line of the shadows and watched Dmitri tear off his fur. Or, thats what it looked like. He was bathed in light and she knew it was him. And only a few moments later, he started to straighten up, hairless and human.

She had quieted her panting and stepped into the moonlight, giving a silent order for Tera to stay back knowing Dmitri's human eyes would no longer delve into the shadows like before. "Dmitri." It wasn't a question and her voice was low. The voice of an Alpha. Her spine was sword straight and her face gave no emotion.
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