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((OOC: Time skip! Moving along now... And *poof!* it's night time and the moon is making itself fully visible!))

Leeli sat on Tera who was near enough by the fire to keep them warm. It was a sad little fire. The few sticks that Dmitri had been able to gather before he disappeared were nowhere near enough to keep them warm throughout the night. The faerie shivered. There was something unsettling about the fact that the werewolf hadn't come back yet. She wondered if Keira felt that way too or if she was simply too weary to register the fact. The texture in her mouth was relatively unsavory as she nibbled on a fairly dry bit of grass and, once again, she reminded herself that there were reasons that grazing animals never seemed to get obese in the wild. Grass was just something to tide them over until they found the good stuff. It was, at least, something to eat... for a while. I'd kill for an apple... a berry... ANYTHING ELSE!

The black werewolf was a shadow on the hillside. He had reached the highest point that he could in the time frame that he had. It wasn't all that far from camp, but the wind was right and he was just far enough where the wind wouldn't blow his scent to Fenrir and Tera below. The breezy wind tousled his fur, blowing bits of it away, causing him to shudder. His pale, blue eyes scoured the skies above him the ghostly light of the full moon still hidden behind a dark cloud. All it took was the first ray to strike and it would begin. Already his fur was coming off in great clumps. Even without his scent, all his traveling companions could probably find his trail simply by following what clung to branches if they had any tracking sense at all. Moon, cease the game. I am ready. Let's get this over with.

As if the wind had heard the words of his sigh, it pushed aside the last cloud. The full moon was revealed little by little, its rays striking the ground, obscuring the darkness with light and causing dramatic shadows to be cast from each tree, bush, and rock. Dmitri shuddered as he watched the celestial orb with an unblinking gaze as the rays hit his trembling body. His blue eyes seemed to glow and, unconsciously, he began to scratch at his shoulders and chest, the fur coming off quickly as if his hands were a razor revealing tanned and scarred flesh beneath.

He could bear it no more. His deep howl cut through the air like a siren, echoing with his pain as his bones began to shift, a eerie music for a silent night. His claws pulled back, shrinking, reforming into human nails. His arms shrank in size and his legs began to pull back in places and lengthen in others as his bestial feet bent back into those of a man. His bones ground together audibly, snapping, popping, reforming. Even his back began to flow backwards, his hunched posture straightening as his tail was reabsorbed into his flesh with a popping, suction noise. His ears seemed to slide down his head. It was his face that always hurt the most. His body ran with blood in places and he wiped it up awkwardly with his furless hands before his face began to change. His nostrils spread wide and were pulled in as the bones of his face broke in order to flesh out the broad plain of his cheeks. His sharp teeth fell out in order to be replaced by molars. His howl gradually became a very human-like scream. It was quite fathomable that his companions at their fire thought that the werewolf had gone rabid and attacked someone living on the hillside, so abruptly had the howl changed to scream. Or perhaps they had come running the second they heard his howl and even now sat in the shadows watching this bizarre transformation from beast into man. Dmitri could not tell. His hearing had deadened as had his sense of smell and sight. It was as if he had been all hearing, seeing, and smelling one moment, only to be encased in a shell that let in no sensory information. Human senses were pale in comparison to those of a wolf, even a cursed one such as he.

The man stood hunched in the eye of the moon, his body pale in the harsh light. The scars of their recent fights still seemed irritated thought healing on his furless back. He stared at his hands, flexing the fingers mechanically in an attempt to get reacquainted with this form, his true form. His hair was wavy, thick, and dark as it trailed down to the middle of his naked back. His cheeks and around his lips held rough stubble. His loincloth provided him scant protection in the chill of the breeze. And all of his fur surrounded his feet as if he had blown up a werewolf. He felt so... defenseless...

Leeli, sitting beside a rather pathetic fire, jerked her head up when she had heard the first howl. What was that?! Is Dmitri howling? Something's going on!
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