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Elle nodded when Keira spoke. She would be fine til morning, that's if they all lived through the night. She couldn't tell if it was the trees or it was the darkening werewolf who made her uneasy. But something didn't feel....right. She usually trusted her instinct and if an area didn't feel safe, she'd find a different place to hunker down even if it took all night to find. But Keira trusted the wolf-man and she always gave some benifit of the doubt. But if it was the land itself that was unsettling her, she wouldn't be happy. The earth had never betrayed her before, and she didn't want it to start to now. Then again, maybe it was something a little further from Elefor. Her eyes were drawn back to the orb in the sky. Something just wasn't right.

Tera, tired as she was, felt the tug of the moon and basked in its light for a moment. She could feel the nerves fraying on everyone in the vacinity. Keira was unhappy about being pampered and cared for, Fenrir was worried about his Alpha. Leeli was looking suspicously at Dmitri and Dmitri was wandering quite quickly as well as his hair falling out. Elle was uneasy and the only one who didn't seem as fussy at the moment was Kail. How had the world turned topsy turvy so quickly?

The wolf could feel Leeli shift closer and Tera responded to her weariness by letting a confident and safe vibe go through her to the fairy. However, Tera struggled a little with the feeling of needing to pace.
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