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Elle listened to Leeli before asking another question. "So Werewolves dont have anything to do with the moon or is that just an old folk tale?" She was trying to make what little mental connections she could. She wasn't an expert on magical beings and spells. But she wasn't clueless either. She shrugged it off for now and called Tera over to her with a couple snaps of her fingers.

Tera managed to get to her feet and trotted lightly towards Elle who picked up the blue fae gently and set her on Tera's back as if she were a horse. "I'll see what I can do about camp. You and Kail can stay with Tera. I'm not sure I trust these trees." She scrutinized the growing shadows.

Elle walked over to Keira. "How do the bandages feel? Are they loose?" There wouldn't be much blood on the wraps if any at all. The paste would have prevented it just like the body naturally would plug up the cuts before healing all together. Elle more or less mimicked the body's natural process but in a faster manner. A lot of healers knew this means of healing, but most forgot and simply would wrap the wounds. She was also sure that the pain killers she gave the woman would be wearing off by now. She had another vile but it would be best to save for the next day since this area of the forest didn't allow for as many herbs to grow and Elle doubted she'd find the proper elements needed to recreate the clear liquid. And it took a whole night of boiling to make sure it was done right and would kill the pain rather than become a poison.
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