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Keira was a bit in her own little world as the rest of the group remained working and setting up camp. Her side was beginning to ache as the painkiller that Elle had given her wore out its worth. She sat still, pulling her glaive close to her side. She had noticed Dmitri's odd behavior, but her mind wasn't registering that. The primal instincts inside of her were taking note of the increased wrong-ness. Fenrir knew it as well. It was unsettling more so now than usual. Her eyes moved up the hill to focus on him, not in command, but curiosity. The wolf in her growled at her to not trust him, even maybe to kill him. But the human side of her was a little more prominent than usual. She was in a group now, and while she was an alpha, she was not the Alpha.

Curiosity thus took over her trepidation, and she watched. The strange mix of man and wolf was not natural. It was magical, and thus had its own strange mysterious beauty. But he was acting...strange.

Fenrir whined at her from where he stood, and he nudged her jaw again. She winced a little. His nose had hit her acid burn. It was still tender, though the skin was already starting to heal. As she reached up her arms to hug him, her side twinged and ached a little more. Her entire body was stiff with lack of movement. Alright, weakling. Time to get up and move. You have to stay limber. She sighed, and clenched her jaw against the faded ache she was going to feel as she reached for her glaive and set the butt of the staff firmly in the ground. Slowly, still in her own small world, she rolled onto her knees, and then pulled herself up a little to set her foot in place next to her weapon, and then pulled herself up again to set her other foot on the ground.

She panted slightly with the effort, and clenched her jaw against the twinges of pain that were making it through. Fenrir brushed against her leg and hip, looking up at his Alpha. Always there to support her.


Kail watched, a hint of pride in his eyes as Leeli made the globe of water. She was a beautiful magic user, and he knew she probably could beat him in a mere moment with her shocks and her water. But he always liked a woman who could stand up for herself. He fluttered closer, not inputting on the conversation with Elle, but rather looking up at the werewolf instead. He was still nervous about the wolfman, not sure what to think. After nearly having been crushed in Dmitri's paw-like hands, he didn't want to trust the creature, but Keira seemed to have him under control, and Keira, though gruff, was certainly one to be trusted. She was almost mean, but she seemed honest as any normal animal that wasn't human.

But Dmitri was acting strange...
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