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The water hovering above her long, thin fingers swirled and spiralled in the globe that she had formed. It was large enough to fill up the small pot nearly up to the top. With controlled movements, she pushed it with her abilities towards the pot and slowly settled it in. A little bit rolled down the metallic sides, but she smiled with pride. Her brow was faintly beaded with sweat from the exertion.

Elle's questions about what she knew about werewolves took her a little offguard at first. Werewolves? Oh, is he doing something strange? Her bright blue eyes sought and found the ebony wolf man as he looked about distractedly. Oh. I see what you mean. No, he probably wouldn't tell you much if he doesn't feel that he can trust us or that we wouldn't understand. Werewolves, as all werecreatures, are cursed beings. Usually they are just average people who get caught up in something and get cursed for it. Very old swamp witches, studious wizards, those sorts, they learn how to perfect curses to protect artifacts or themselves and sometimes regular people get caught up in it. He is part beast, part man which is why he acts much like a savage because of the bestial nature of things and why he can speak like a man. I've read that they sometimes forget that they were ever of the civilized races which turns them rabid to become the horror creatures that attack outlying villages and eat unsupervised children.

She shrugged her shoulders and flipped the goggles down over her eyes as she looked around the camp. Other than keen hearing, smell, and fairly good sight, that's about all I know. I have no idea why he is so fidgetty. I'm still leaning halfway that he betrays us to the wizard that he says he hates. Maybe he can sense him nearby and is getting nervous that I'm onto his ruse and wants to find a quick out if he can. Leeli frowned as she scowled at the werewolf through her eyewear. He didn't notice her anyway, but she was watching him.
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