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Elle gave Keira her stuff once the woman was safe on the ground and then started to dig in her own bag, without dislodging Leeli on her shoulder. She held the clean little pot out to catch the water the fairy had created. Elle could smell the air dry as Leeli pulled the moisture from it. While she waited for Leeli to put the water in the pot, Elle's eyes fell on Dmitri.

She could see something was up with him. She didn't think of it as a bad thing. Nothing really frightened her if something went wrong. She watched him look around and wondered why he didn't just stay in the camp with them. As the seconds passed, she followed his gaze to the sky. He looked up at the spot where the moon would be if the clouds moved. She stared at the clouded space for a moment before insight hit her. "Hmm, Leeli? How much do you know about werewolves? The magical aspects." Elle was speaking quietly, but she was unsure of whether the werewolf would overhear. "I would ask Dmitri himself, but...I'm not sure he'd want to say." It was in his posture and actions. He was moving too quickly to set up camp for it to seem natural and he kept searching. If she had tasted a storm in the air, his hastiness might be understandable. But tonight would just be chilly, not stormy as far as Elle could tell.

Tera had just about regained her breath as she lazily moved into a standing position. She moved lazily to rub up against Elle's leg before laying close to Keira. She would only get up if she was told to do so, but for now she rested by the grounded woman. Tera sensed some distress in the other Alpha and came as comfort as much as she came to not be in the way of setting up for the night.
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