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Dmitri nodded at Keira's dismissal. It was probably for the better. With night coming on, he felt that he should hastily help them set up their camp and then run off to set up his own. He was tired, so very tired, but there was so much left to do before the moon rose. I will... dig pit for... fire.

He walked on all fours to try to stretch his arms which were sore from being in one position for the majority of the day while he had carried Keira and alleviate some of the pressure from his legs by redistributing it to his arms. He sniffed around the area to find a suitable place for a fire, away from low hanging trees and other fire hazards in as defensible a place as he could find. So once he found a place that was surrounded by small rock formations on three out of four sides, he began to dig right in the center of the area. His large hands and sharp nails were fine for digging though not as well equipped as a wolf's.

He looked up the hillside further as he neared completion of his fire pit to see if he might spy a suitable place for himself this evening, but could not find one with his eyes. All ready he felt the pull of the lunar calendar and the moon itself was not even visible, but he felt it keenly, knowing where it was behind the orange painted clouds. He wondered if the other wolves could feel the wrongness in him more easily now or if it frightened them or made them sad for him.

Leeli was preparing herself to gather water for the group. It was a big task for a little faerie, but the air was full of moisture from the ancient river down below. She concentrated deeply on it and uttered her incantation. Unda orbis exsisto existo. The ball of water slowly gathered in size. A drop between her fingers became the size of a nut became the size of a leaf and it grew. The water vapor was slowly pulled from the air, the air around her hands becoming more dry every second. All she needed was that pot that she knew Elle had to be set out so she would be able to put the water somewhere where it would not feed the thirsty ground.
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