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Keira winced even as she was set down, her burned shoulder stiff and her side sore. Fenrir walked over to her and flattened his ears, his tail lowering but wagging slowly. His nose pushed into her face a little and he whined softly, licking her jaw as she reached with one hand to rub his ruff. Burying her fingers in the fur calmed her down a little.

She looked up at Dmitri as he came up, sharp eyes looking him over. He was shaking lightly from exhaustion, and he looked a bit ragged. The young woman blinked lightly, not quite so grumpy now that she wasn't being carried, and the love of her wolf was making her feel better. "I'm fine." Her voice was still gruff, but there was no actual annoyance in it.

"Elle? My stuff please?" She was glad the other woman had agreed to carry it. Her glaive would've been awkward to have with her while she was being carried. But now, she wasn't, and she wanted her favorite weapon.


Kail fluttered off of Fenrir and moved over the Leeli. He smiled at her, wishing that there was a fruit tree. He had never liked grass.
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