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Leeli gave Elle a sheepish grin. The female fae was fairly well rested from the journey though she was lucky she had managed to hang onto her fork even in sleep. Eh heh... I can make us some water to drink so we don't have to crawl down the hillside to get it though. I just need a pot. As I'm rested enough, it shouldn't be too hard on me either. That will save everyone more leg soreness. She winked at the half elven woman that she was riding.

Dmitri was just going to respond to Elle when he was startled by Keira's rough command. His back straightened, his head ducked, his ears went out to the side, and his tail drooped even as he sucked his tongue back in. The fur around his shoulders fluffed a bit. It was more a posture that he made when being scolded, his shame stance. As... as you wish, Alpha. He bobbed his head obediantly and set her down on a spot that had the most cushiony looking grass he could spot. He stepped away from her hastily, his legs shaking from exhaustion, not fear.

The werewolf's blue eyes looked once again towards Elle. Thank you, Elle. You are... kind. He nodded to the woman quickly before sinking down to all fours, stretching his spine. He was tired of Fenrir's fluffing to let him know that the wolf was above the werewolf in the pack heirarchy. Dmitri enjoyed the company but not the inferiority. He sniffed the air and shivered. He had the feeling that it would be cold tonight.

The night was oncoming even though there was still plenty of light to set up camp with. There were small trees that clung stubbornly to the rough hill and cliffsides. While there were a few branches or dead trees here and there, there was not an overwhelming amount of spare would that they could gather without chopping things down. There were no fruit trees and there was small game, like birds and squirrels bustling about. Dmitri did not need to eat as he had had plenty of the boar from the previous meal. Leeli was only minorly concerned as she could live off of grasses for a few days though she would get sick if it became longer than that.

Dmitri scratched his shoulder with a claw as he caught his breath and felt the tickle and brush of his fur. His icy blue eyes looked at his hand as he pulled it away and saw all the strands of fur that had come loose and were dangling off of it. He shuddered and his ears dropped further. It wasn't good, but now was not the time to tell anyone. The man in a wolf's body looked to Keira's grumpy form. Alpha? Do you need anything that I can get you?
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