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Elle had secured Leeli first before gathering up Keira's things. It wasn't much more than her own so it wouldn't do too much to affect her pace. It might just tire her out sooner than normal. And right now, she was really missing Caller. But she sucked it up and headed out after Dmitri and whistled to the wolves, mainly Tera since Elle wasn't Fenrir's Alpha. Tera obediantly took up flank on Elle's right side.

To Elle, the pace was faster than her normal run. It was bordering on a sprint since Dmitri could reach more of a distance in a single stride. So by the time he came to a stop, her breathing was quite uneven as she panted a bit like a wolf. Tera came up at what seemed to be a crawling walk and promptly plopped down on the ground, panting very quickly, and her closed her eyes as her tongue lolled out of her open mouth.

"Well....that was....quite a run." She said inbetween breaths. She turned her head to Leeli's direction who Elle knew had fallen asleep a few times. "Rest..well?" She smiled but then resumed her efforts to catch her breath. It would be very lovely to not bother with camp and just lay down and sleep. But she had to check up on Keira's wounds before finding a food of some sort. She might just send the wolves out to find food while she situated camp. But that could also be very well out of the question with how hard they all ran today.

She looked up at Dmitri. "I mean this in no way of offense, but your determination is much that of my old horse. Caller would have run himself to death if I didn't tell him to slow down. Very loyal he was." She nodded to herself. It was more of an admiring praise that she gave to Dmitri.
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