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At Keira's command, knowing that he no longer had to carry the Alpha's things, the werewolf nodded, a soft huff coming from his nostrils. He leaned towards the earth, cradling Keira gently against his dark fur, and caught the scent he was looking for as he inhaled deeply. He knew the wizard stink like the palm of his callused hands. The bonds of magic between them might also have been something helpful for tracking, but the werewolf did not want to ponder that. Instead his great steps carried him swiftly in something that was closer to a quick lope, stopping momentarily to reattune his nose here and there.

Leeli had been happy to get scooped up upon Elle's shoulder even if the healer woman would have to carry a whole load of stuff and still keep up with the werewolf. It was exciting to be off again. Writer seemed to be growing nearer with each stride. Perhaps it was the werewolf who was the bread crumb left behind? Quite a bread crumb though. If he can take us all the way there even... So then Writer must have known that Dmitri was left there all the time and then figured that we'd free the cursed thing. But why then would he assume that we would free such a dangerous beast instead of simply kill him while he was chained to the wall. Maybe we missed something in our haste out of the cave? Something better than Dmitri? Perhaps the wizard knew that something was left behind and placed Dmitri there to kill us or lead us the wrong way! It's just that... Keira trusts the monster too much. We should be more careful with him. He could kill us all easily by the look of him and he already nearly killed Kail! She looked towards her lover, her face turning a light shade of purple just at the sight of him. Of course, she was seeing him flying around naked because her imagination was playing horrible, naughty tricks on her. The fairy swallowed and then blinked, holding onto Elle's ear a bit more securely to stabilize herself as she looked away from the man.

((Running, running, running, time passes, running, whoooooosh!))

And so they ran straight into Steepwind Valley as the sun was growing low on the horizon and they needed to make camp once again.

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