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Keira frowned a little as well as she realized that it would be incredibly hard for Dmitri to carry her and her belongings. And the little that she had was all survival gear, things that she didn't need, but would rather not lose. Especially not when she had so many people willing to... She blinked up at Elle, hiding a sigh, her eyes grudgingly accepting once more as she nodded at Elle's suggestion to add them to her own load. The young woman held back a growl, her independence spiking her resentment of those around her. Should've stayed in the wilderness, stupid wolf-girl... would never have run into these people... Her unending line of thought of similar phrases were not really her feelings, so much as her venting.

She sighed a little and shifted a little in Dmitri's arms, laying her head on his muscled shoulder. "Let's go." Her eyes turned to look around them, wondering which way they would be running now. Fenrir looked up, waiting for Dmitri to move. He had the alpha, so for the moment, he was leading.


Kail fluttered up from the ground, hovering somewhat above Fenrir, he smiled as the wolf looked at him. He wasn't so scared of animals as he was of biggies. His small hand reached out to stroke the wolf's furred ear somewhat, and his arm would have to sink halfway in to reach the skin at the base, where the fur was a little longer. Then the fae looked up. He was ready.
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