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Elle put her things away and swung her pack over her shoulders. She walked back to Leeli as she gave out the orders. Tera sat happily by the blue little one and wagged her tail happily. Her green eyes were bright and was in need of a good run. Elle smiled at Leeli. "Of course I can carry you." She saw Dmitri turn and scrutinized him for a minute. She could see he was puzzled as to how to carry his Alpha's belongings. She took a stride forward. "I can carry them if need be. Her pack and glaive would be as light as my own belongings. Although, Keira, if you wanted to hold onto your bag, I can carry your glaive so it doesnt get in the way at all." It would be simpler on Dmitri if she helped.

Tera stood when Elle walked forward and she pranced after her leader. She sniffed at Elle's leg. She smelled like the many herbs she used. Usually when she wasn't healing, she had a cleaner scent. But now she smelled of roots and flowers and other such things found in the dense forest. Her nose and throat only burned slightly but the pain had mostly left. And the pink on her nose was starting to heal.
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Wingless Wanderings and a Cave · Uruhyo Forest

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