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With Keira's confirmation of readiness, the blue faerie woman didn't see any point in waiting around. Okay then. We should all tidy up and get a move on. Dmitri, you will need to take the lead to track down Writer and this wizard. Tera and Fenrir can flank us and keep us aware of anything that might be heading out direction. Elle, if you wouldn't mind, I'll still need a ride. Kail... Did you want to take up the rear? It was strange how readily she fell back into being a leader. Now that the odd pack that she had gathered all seemed to find where they fit with each other, it seemed easier. There was little to no in-fighting or bickering. Keira was bristling on her own but it seemed more focused at herself than, say, Elle instead. Dmitri though... While Leeli did not trust the werewolf at all and would have rather killed him or let him stay chained in a cave, had proved himself an able caretaker for the human woman and quite handy with the lifting and carrying of heavy objects. And he did say that he could track the wizard. It had to count for something.

Dmitri disliked the faerie woman. She was bossy and loud and tiny. He could have easily crushed her beneath his foot though her sharp fork would have been a good deterrent in any case. The werewolf was reluctant to do anything that made him "lead." Omega wolves did not lead, they followed. To suddenly be told that he would be leading made him concerned to say the least. As the others seemed to look to the small, loud, bossy bug girl, he figured that he had no choice. It was his nose that would be needed to track. I must gather the Alpha's things.

He stepped away from the group and towards Keira's pack and glaive. I do not know the best way to carry these for you. He looked at the awkward shapes. The pack would not fit his larger shoulders and he could not carry the glaive when he was carrying her. He did not want to pile the pack or the glaive on top of her in his arms because it might upset her wounds. His mouth curved in a canine frown, his nose wrinkled.
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