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Her dark eyes stared down at Leeli, bore down into hers. She knew that the little fae was referring mostly to her. Idiot pup. Went and got yourself gored by a boar. Just had to go after the boar. Deer would have been safer. Farther, but safer. The long run would've done just as much... grrr She wrinkled her nose a little and snorted. "Well, I'm good for travel, anyone else wounded?" But she looked around, knowing that nobody was so bad as the gigantic cut in her side.

Her eyes moved to her pack and her glaive. "Let's get a move on?" She looked at Leeli for confirmation. Fenrir, wagged his tail slowly, ready to run. The golden-eyed wolf was happy to know that his alpha was fine, if still hurt.


Kail looked up at the biggies that surrounded him. He still had a flash of fear, and an urge to fly away as quickly as he could. But he quickly suppressed it, looking at Dmitri and hiding a shudder at the memory of being trapped in the wolf man's paws. He twitched his wings, looked back at the woman beside him and smiled. He belonged with her.
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