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Dmitri startled as Keira addressed him. He hadn't been paying too much attention to things around his own thoughts. As the statement registered, he complied. As you wish. It was quick enough. His thickly muscled body leaned away from her as he got back to the balls of his feet and scooped the woman up easily, minding her newly rebandaged side which once again faced away from his torso. He stood straightbacked and looked down at the faeries whom had seemed to shrink away beneath his height.

Leeli watched as the werewolf stood. A little tremor ran through her as a rembrance of their first meeting ran through her head. He was going to squash Kail and eat me and kill everyone else. He was dirty and smelly and cursed. And he's still dirty and cursed. He doesn't smell too bad right now. And he's Keira's... Well, the sooner we leave, the better. But I don't want to push anyone who is wounded. Mainly you, Keira. So I mean, we could probably stay another day if recuperation is still needed. By you. Oh we could use Dmitri's nose to track the trail if it's still warm enough to track.

It is. The werewolf regarded her coolly from above.

Oh. Well. That's that then. Is everyone travel ready enough? Leeli's eyes make a quick circuit over everyone else before coming back to Keira. Everyone was fine enough save for the woman in the werewolf's arms who could get carried with ease by the beast himself. All they needed was his nose to track though Leeli was sure that he'd have to get down onto all fours eventually to scour the area regardless of a magically enhanced sense of smell from a cursed body.

Dmitri's eyes looked down upon the woman he held. If she consented, he would lead them. If she needed to stay, he was also fine with that. He would carry her as she desired as long as she desired. He was her Omega even if he was the strongest in the pack by far. He would do his share to prove himself to the Alpha. It was part of the bargain that was struck when they struck off his chains.
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