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Kail slid in next to Leeli, nodding at the party members and smiling as his eyes returned to Leeli. Everyone with a sensitive nose could smell their scents mingled on each of them. It was obvious that they had done more than just gone for a walk.


Fenrir sniffed towards the fae, and his eyes brightened and he noted the intermingled scent. His ears cocked sideways in a cute manner as the thought of possible pups came into his mind. It was a happy thought for the wolf. He hadn't enjoyed the joy of a packs pups since they had been in the north.

Keira nodded at Leeli, grunting in response because she wasn't really ready to speak much yet. But it was a grunt of affirmation. She felt better as much as she looked better, though even after being re-bandaged and such her side was still slightly painful. The burn on her left side wasn't yet totally painless either. And it looked as though it would for sure scar. The woman herself didn't care. She knew that she would always not be trusted by her own race merely for being with a wolf. What did it matter if she wasn't trusted for her looks as well. She was trusted by her small pack, and that was what mattered. Absent-mindedly she wondered if the pack would break up after the wizard was found and punished for his actions.

She looked up at Dmitri. "Up, Dmitri... Her low growl wasn't threatening. It was merely a command, and it was one that was expected to be followed. She looked to the others. "How long til we set out?" She looked to the small blue fae for the answer.
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