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Leeli was feeling quite refreshed. A lively glow radiated around her... or it could have just been unintentional sparking. She had staked a claim on Kail now and the exercise had done her good. Her leg was only a little limpy and her wing was beginning to gain function again. She could open and close it slowly with minor pain as long as it was not too fast. No flying, but soon, she figured. The sun was out, no one was dead, everyone had some sort of pink fleshtone to their cheeks. Hi! How is everyone this morning? Keira, you look much better.

Dmitri was glad that the healer could do as she did with his Alpha. Keira was warm against him. He enjoyed holding her loosely. She smelled like the herbs that Elle used, but she had that smell of dirt and grass and air, the smell of wolf that clung to her, the smell of his old blood, and of her own. A part of him registered the deal made before. He would lead them to the wizard for them to find the boy, the boy they called Writer. He could still smell the wizard and his servant, the old, bent man who beat the boy. That meant that he could find them for his Alpha. The smell was weeks old, but he could still know it. The smell of the bugs distracted him. They smelled still of their intertwined bug dance of the night before. And the girl bug was loud and he knew that she didn't like him. The boy bug was just frightened of him. Unconsciously, he leaned into Keira further, gently, but closer. It was comforting.
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