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Elle knelt, setting down her supplies. She looke at Keira again before setting to work. She worked swiftly, removing the wrappings and examinging the wounds that were still stitched. She quickly cleansed the gash, trusting the tonic had eliminated the majority of the pain by now that the cold water wouldn't so much as sting, but be a releif. She started covereing the lightly bleeding wound and stitches with the herbal paste, making sure no blood could escape the wound anymore. The blood naturally clotted to prevent excesive bleeding. The body's methods of self preservation were astounding and some herbs could mimic a few things the body could manage. Like sealing in the much needed blood.

She rinsed her hands in the river while the paste dried to a hard plaster that would still alow the woman a little movement. It would be limited, but movement none the less. Then, Elle re-wound bandages around Keira's torso to cover the injury. She made sure it was secure and would hold through their travels. "There you are. That should help."

Tera came over to Elle after the two fae got to their feet. She greeted her Alpha with a happy nudge of her nose to Elle's shoulder. Then she turned to Keira as well, respecting the presence of the other Alpha and nodded her head a little before licking up the other womans cheek in a 'get-better-soon' kind of way.
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