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Kail smiled after Leeli, not quite wanting to move yet, but he sat up straight and lightly patted the wolf behind him. He was surprised how comfortable it was to be around such big things, and how he had adjusted so very well. Stretching his arms, he fluttered his wings to lift him to his feet and looked around to see where the others were. His golden eyes noted that everyone had grouped by the river bank and...Keira, stand-offish, gruff, and almost mean Keira, was leaning against the newest addition to the group. His eyebrows pulled together, shuddering a little as the sight of the werewolf brought back memories of terror at the palms of the cursed man.

After a moment, he hopped lightly from spot to spot after the blue fae, his feet falling in pattern with her walk.


Keira continued to lean against Dmitri, waiting for Elle to come back, and determined that they wouldn't stop their journey just because she was rather grievously wounded. She could feel the contentment radiate from the werewolf beside her, feeling it in the relaxed movements of his muscles, and the easy breathing. His heartbeat pulsed, almost in time with her own, and she blinked, having not thought about just how similar the wolf-man was to her, and also to her usual companion. Fenrir pushed against her leg, keeping an eye on Dmitri, but relaxing in the knowledge that Keira was alright. Then, she looked up as Elle came back, and nodded. "As ready as ever." were words that could barely be heard rolling off of her lips, but she could feel the painkiller start to take effect.
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