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Dmitri had moved her as if he was an extension of her body. He simply felt the beginnings of the shifts in her muscles and moved accordingly as her load bearing muscle, so to speak. He was relieved when Keira had finished splashing her face. The control he was exerting required more effort than he had originally supposed simply because of placement of his supporting limbs and the necessary slow movements so as to not injure her further. He was quite relieved when she settled against him, leaning in. There was a warmth in her and not simply from the wound and her body trying to fix itself. He felt comfortable and apart of something bigger than himself. The werewolf was unconsciously radiating a sort of contentment in his emotions. Because of how he had been holding her to drink and where she had decided to stay, his arm was still partially wrapped around her, his lax hand laying across her lap.

Leeli stood and brushed off her clothing. Dirt and little particles of sand and plants fell off. She plucked up her staff with a grin. Might as well go and check on the others. We have work to do today. The blue woman gave him a wave and she wandered off, her leg reacting much better to her weight as she walked with a barely noticeable limp.
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