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Elle waited and watched Keira drink the tonic and then took the vial gently when Keira handed it over. She nodded a little to herself. "You'll feel it start to work in a few minutes." She walked back over to her back to grab some supplies for rebandaging Keira's wound. She took the little pot that hung above the ash firepit and went to the river to rinse and wash it out. She put a little water in and returned to her sack. She put a small chunk of a leftover root from last night in and a few other things in from her back and mixed it into a thick paste. Next she grabbed a roll of bandaging and a press cloth made of cotton.

She returned to Keira. "Ready?" She asked, sitting by the water's edge.

Tera's attention was still on the two Fae beside her. As Leeli was stretching, Tera stretched over to lick up the side of her face as a goodmorning greeting.
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Wingless Wanderings and a Cave · Uruhyo Forest

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