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Keira sighed lightly as she leaned into Dmitri's support, pushing his arm down until she could reach the water and dip her cupped hands into it. Unable to move super quickly made this hard for her as she pulled water up from the river. It dripped from her hands, but she got the majority of it onto her face, and the cold liquid brought her still pain-dulled mind a little more alert. She shook her head a little, the water dripping down her nose and hair to splash a little back to the river below. Twice more she splashed water onto her face before Elle came up once more.

She turned to look at her, the hair in her face making her look feral, but she reached up slowly to take the tonic, eying it distrustfully, thinking that it still would taste bad. But the thought of not being stuck with aches and pains of her wounds took more priority, so she pulled back to sit up straighter, even leaning slightly against the wolf-man beside her, and then tossed the tonic bad as one would a shot of whiskey. It went straight to the back of her throat, and then down into her stomach. Coughing slightly with the quickness of the action, she held the bottle back up to Elle, wincing as the muscles pulled against the stitches a little.


Kail smiled at the small woman next to him. Then, he sat up more, but wasn't really wanting to get up yet. He had been comfortable leaning against Tera. But it was light out, and indeed, it was time to get up. He yawned, sitting up completely straight and stretching with Leeli.
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