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Elle smiled softly. "I'll go get the things. Try not to move more than necessary and dont leave the waterside yet." Elle walked over to where Tera and her belongings were. The fae were begining to wake up. "Good morning you two." She said cheerily and she hummed while she searched her bag. She pulled out a little vial that heald the tonic. She always kept some made in case of emergencies. And right now, she didn't have time to brew more. This would hold Keira for the day and would leave Elle time to make more when the rested elsewhere.

Elle walked back over to Keira with the tonic and uncorked it. She knelt by the woman who was in many ways so very similar and in some quite different. She held out the little bottle. "It's tasteless and has no smell. The mark of a strong tonic. Drink it all and it'll keep the pain at bay for the majority of the day. Your side and the burned areas will feel a little numb and your muscles will relax a little but you'll still be able to move." She waited for Keira to drink. The tonic would take effect almost imediatly. It'd help kill any infection and keep any possible fever down.

Tera turned her head to look at the little people still beside her. Her wet, pink nose was inches from Leeli's head and she sniffed at the little fae. Her tail continued to swish back and forth happily.
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