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The werewolf felt her eyes on him. They were a horde of ants crawling underneath his skin. He swallowed. She is thinking about ripping out my throat because she perceived that I challenged her authority. She is merciful... I think. Keira. She shifted in his arms, manuvering herself slowly. Getting ready to spring at me and rip out my throat with her teeth. He closed his ice-colored eyes tightly until she spoke to him. Oh.

Yes. As you wish, Keira. His legs were built for leaping as was obvious by their spring-like construction. However, for this moment, he simply stood to hover over the woman before readjusting himself behind her on the left side; back into a crouching position. His right arm wrapped her from waist to left shoulder, his hand loose but supportive so she could simply press a little and he would allow her to lean closer, still supporting the majority of her weight. His left hand pressed into the riverbank between then to provide him enough support to keep stable with her. It would not do to drop one's Alpha into the river. Strands of her hair fell across his supporting hand, tickling.

Leeli grinned and stretched out her arms, waking steadily by the minute. Got to get up, up, up!
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