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Kiera nodded again at Elle. "Do what you do, Elle. You're a healer and know far more about herbs and wounds than I..." Her voice trailed off, her eyes focusing on Elle with, rather than challenge, acceptance. In this pack that had formed between the mix of creatures, everyone had their place. Leeli would have the final say in everything, as she was formally the leader, and because of that thought set in place, Keira was able to accept the help of another Alpha. Grudgingly accepted, but accepted nonetheless. Each member had their strengths, Elle was a healer, the fae were small, good for scouts. Wolves, were hunters, intelligent trackers, with other such qualities, and Dmitri... She looked up at him from the corner of her eye. He was looking determinedly at the river, focused. Strength, determination, intelligence...a mix of a human with a wolf... What I would do to be truly wolf...

She shifted slightly, wincing as her opposite had came to rest over the bandages, which were starting to seep through. Her head turned around, looking at the rag-tag group. Two faeries, two wolves, two humans, and one very, very strange new creature. Her eyes ran over him. Dark fur, bright eyes, wolf features, but humanish muscles. The biggest difference from human body form was lengthened bones and claws and tail.

Shaking her head a little, she looked at Dmitri and started to move a little, shifting her legs so that she could, if she wanted, get onto her knees, and lean over the river. She wanted to splash water on her face. "Dmitri, support me. She never waited for him to answer before starting to struggle cautiously to her knees wanting to lean over the river to scoop water up.
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