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Dmitri frowned as Elle suggested that he carry Keira as he was pretty sure that she would prefer that that not happen. However, his Alpha was begrudgingly accepting help from the Healer Alpha of the other pack within the pack. The werewolf remained quiet while the two women talked. Instead he felt the warmth of Keira through her torn garments upon his hand and arm which he cradled her with to keep her upright. He almost thought that he could feel her life blood swarming beneath her flesh, thin blue ribbons like tiny rivulets. He could see the rhythmic pulse in the jugular of her neck. It was a strong pulse, full of irritation and life. He could scent the foulness of the wound though there was also the scent of healing as if the two sides were warring even still. Her jaw shone brightly in the morning light where Fenrir had licked her, his saliva shining like crystal as it slowly evaporated from her face. Alpha, you are too strong to die. You will live. It will just take a while. I... I am staring. Oh gods that howl, no!

Dmitri looked away from Keira suddenly, his eyes upon the water in the river instead. Had they crossed eyes for too long, she might have thought that he was challenging her for leadership. However, his icy eyes had been on her throat, her cheeks, her jaw, her shoulders and wound, but never her eyes. His heart raced in a panic. He did not wish to outlive his usefulness nor be exiled from the company of others when he had finally been able to spend time with more people than simply himself. He felt more... human. Less of a rabid beast like he had been while chained up.

Leeli snorted and blinked her groggy eyes open to reveal Kail's smile aimed at her. Oh. Good morning, lover. I slept well. You? Her voice was soft, slurry, and dreamy as she pulled herself from dreams of... cupcakes?
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