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Elle nodded as Keira admitted to getting help. She knew how Keira felt. Elle herself would recoil from the idea from being helped. She was a caretaker and an Alpha. Her pack came first. But just as she was sure Keira figured out and that she would figure out, the Alpha must heal in order to take care of the pack. "I'll get the tonic. And supplies to rewrap the wound. Would you want me to put an herbal plaster over the stitches and cut so you dont bleed out?" It was probably the best thing to do since she wouldnt be lying still and they didn't all need her to die of bloodloss. That really wouldn't be good. And it'd be all Elle's fault.

Tera peaked back at the two laying against her side. Kail was awake and smiling at Leeli. Tera's tail came around and softly brushed against him as she wagged it happily.

(sorry its short. im kinda braindeaded today. but i managed to post : ) )
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Wingless Wanderings and a Cave · Uruhyo Forest

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