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It took four of Dmitri's water-filled palms to satisfy Keira's thirst for the moment. She knew that soon she would be thirsty again, as it was with all wounds that were so grievous as the ones she had received. She had started to lean back against his arm when Elle walked up. She looked up at the other woman, her eyes hard, hiding pain behind the thoughts of how embarrassing it was to have been seen getting carried, and in front of another like herself. Her voice was weak as she growled out "I need no tonics...pain is bearable." She looked to Dmitri for a moment, then over to Fenrir, wincing as her burns stretched. The wolf stepped forward, licking the bottom of her jaw gently, and she smiled at the familiar reminder or her nights spent with the wolves of the northland, where at the end of the day, they all would gather for song, but first would in a way, pay tribute to the alpha. Spread love She hid the longing for a large pack back behind her anger and pain.

One hand reached out, and the cute leaked even more between the stitches as she sank her fingers into Fenrir's fur, the soft look she gave to her Beta reassuring him of his place. He blinked, golden brown eyes meeting hazel before sinking a little in deference to her. After another moment she looked back to Elle, the pain in her side barely being held back..."On second thought Elle...maybe a tonic..." She growled in frustration, her eyes telling that she hated admitting that she even possibly might need help.


Kail stirred, his arm tightening around the now more familiar body of his lover. He smiled, golden eyes opening slowly to look down at her.
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