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Tera had woken when the two fae settled against her side, she turned to look at them before closing her eyes again and sleeping.

(the time skip that im now just catching up on XD.)

Elle slept quietly until the light pricked at her eyes through her eyelids and the creeping sun started to warm the surrounding air. She heard a yelp come from over where Keira, Fenrir, and Dmitri were at. Her ears pricked and she sat up quickly, looking in that direction. Keira was getting help up and walking very slowly to the edge of the water. She watched blood slowly soak the bandage and knew that her movements caused the inner part of the wound to reopen and the blood to seep past the stitches. She imediatly knew it would need to be cleaned and wrapped again. Keira swore audibly as she leaned on Dmitri. She muttered something, then Dmitri scooped her up. He took her to the waterside and situated her as she sipped water from his cupped hand.

Elle stood, running her fingers through her hair to return it to normal. She looked at Tera who had woken up and looked up at Elle as she rose. Tera knew not to move with the Leeli and Kail sleeping soundly against her. So she lay there, ears perked forward, and completely still. Elle on the other hand, made her way to the trio by the water. She circled around to the front of Keira so she wouldn't have to strain herself to look at Elle when she spoke. "Morning." She spoke with a soft smile, worry staining her features. "The bandages will have to be replaced and once your finished drinking some water I can give you a tonic that helps numb some of the pain if you wish." She turned her gaze on Dmitri, watching him for a moment. "We do need to continue on our travel today. You will definatly be a great help in her mobility. Is there anything you may need in order to help her?" Her eyes flickered from the werewolf to the woman. She didn't bother asking if it was all right for him to carry her on their journey until she was healed enough to be moving on her own. Keira could indeed walk a little with a lot of effort but running was out of the question unless she wished to go into shock and bleed out. The judgement of when they would be on the move was up to Leeli since she was ultimatly the top leader of their mismatched group. Keira could be as stuborn as she wished but there was no doubt she would just have to put up with being cared for.
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