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Shayne's words were suprisingly calming to Horus. His body no longer trembled and he stopped his pacing, but he could still feel a dull fury rumbling within him. He thought about what the man was saying. It was true, Horus had no connection to Yunkel. What could he, a wanderer from half the world away, know anything about the reasons behind the village's demise? A wave of embarrasment washed over him. He'd shown a complete lack of control and now he looked like a fool. Gods damn me. He hated looking like a fool.

Horus snatched up his eyepatch and robes and donned them once again. Without speaking a word, he stalked over to the tree that held his axe and yanked it from the trunk contemptuously, then hooked it back onto his belt. He looked around at the companions, then fixed his stare on an invisible something in the distance. He cleared his throat then spoke in a deep, soft voice. I am sorry. In my life I have felt much loss. And I am weary of it. But-- He began to say more, but stopped and turned away. Gamaliel grunted and nudged him and Horus patted him gently on the head.
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